seek and ye shall

Seek and ye Shall Find


Ask and Ye Shall Receive

This is a Website about Seeking and Finding Information about Truth

A collection of Ideas and information about Reality that shall increase your wisdom and further you down the path to


see the light

It's not hard to see the light if you look

Do not limit yourself just to your Religion's scriptures, God and the Tao is all encompassing, they are the authors of ALL the Religions, SEEK and YE SHALL FIND!

What Should I Ask and How Shall I Seek?


OK, so you have asked for something to seek, and your seeking leads you on a wild goose chase, or so it would seem. The signals that your brain gives you to follow do have a intelligent pattern, God or your higher consciousnesses does have an agenda, even if it is very confusing to you right now,


all of this information and data is exercising your minds intuitive aspects, where your discriminating powers are increasing, eventually you will be able to filter the important from the unimportant, the fact from the fiction, the gospel from the dogma, theories will begin to form and a focus towards your ultimate target will ensue,


it may not be what others on your type of quest are seeking, but that is their quests and their targets are more than likely in a different direction, this doesn't mean that you don't have to share what you discover.


Your fellow seekers have important information to life's complex puzzle that may help you and them when shared, you and they of course will use your own discrimination's and intuitions to filter what you each deem to be of worth.


There has to be a reason that the words "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" and "Seek and Ye Shall Find" are found in the Bible, they are instructions for all of us on how to find the Truth.


They are Divine statements to show us a means to gather wisdom, they are not meant to limit us to just the Bible, but to explore all the worlds scriptures, with a little discrimination, we all can sift out the dogma and fears.


There is no call for war and hate to be involved in this process, rather we can pool our knowledge with other seekers that are more familiar with scriptures and beliefs from their cultures, our language barriers are no longer a hindrance when the universal language of Love is involved.


OK, at this point you have probably noticed that I have been vague about what to Ask and what to Seek, this is most definitely on purpose, because there is absolutely no one that can tell you for what to seek,


you will be driven, someone will say something, you, will read something somewhere that will spark your seeking drive, we all have to follow our own paths,


the truths that you will discover may be obscure in nature, but they may hold the key to greater truths that may enlighten humanity,


you will manufacture your own pieces the the great puzzle of life, and together, all of us will assemble this puzzle and discover that it isn't just a picture of a bunch of dog's playing poker after-all!


Seeking is not all about reading and watching enlightening movies, it is also about getting out there to get your feet wet, to try some of the things that you have learned,


if you have learned about meditation or concentration or dreaming or any other spiritual type of activity, it must be practiced, if not just to break up constant reading, but to put into practice what you have learned, this is where the wisdom is developed,


which is just as valuable as the knowledge if not more. You may feel you are driven like a machine, but you must maintain total control in order to keep your higher personality healthy, always remember to eat and exercise.


     There are many of you out there that are old souls that have the SEEKING programmed into your genes, there is nothing that you like to do more than seek,


in your younger days, you may have been driven more by the material things like making money and chasing the preferred sex, partying and the like, if in fact you are young now, if you intend to enter occult practices, now is the time to do it,


as it may be more difficult for younger people to give up their material practices for the strictness of the occult practices, there is so much more benefit to starting this at an early age as the material way of life has a way of impeding your progress after 40 years of age,


the ability to forgo the material desires normally prominent at younger ages is a great discipline to develop sooner rather than later in order to get impressive results.

Wasp Seeking Nectar

What is your Seeking Focus?


I have to admit that I have read about the most obscure crap that you could imagine, UFO sightings, conspiracy theories, hollow earth and the list goes on,


it isn't that there isn't any worth in all of that, but where does it take you? If you have the funds to explore the entrances to the hollow earth about the north or south pole, then if this is of interest to you, then you should go,


if UFO's wanted to talk to me, I'm sure they know where I live, and to worry about the illuminatie's agenda and how that affects me is a waste of time and energy.


I prefer to investigate something that benefits me and mankind, anything less is an extravagant indulgence.


Our souls are very powerful fragments of an infinite all knowing entity, our duality is our test to see how we fare in these 3 dimensional shells, using our free will we choose how we live our lives and react to other people's lives in our perceptive arena,


we create our reality constantly, dealing with life and our other fragments, by asking our higher selves or God if you will, for the answers that we seek for those nagging questions,


we exercise the power that we have all been given, we are all connected, not only to each other but to everything perceived by our senses, and all that is not perceived,


asking and seeking are part of our cosmic destiny, the answers that we receive should be shared with others so that they may also be enlightened to your knowledge and possibly help them towards their truths of reality.


Ask and you will receive, have you done this yet? Have you given yourself a pre-sleep suggestion about what you would like to know? Or while meditating, ask yourself a question about anything,


even asking yourself out loud or silently to yourself while you are wide awake doing anything, yard work, driving or when ever that thought comes into your mind about that thing that bothers you from lack of knowledge or just curiosity,


this is what is required to start your adventure, then and only then will the seeking begin. Sometimes I go for months and forget about the asking, I am so busy with the seeking that I forget to plant that "asking seed",


I may be so wrapped up in a particular study and reach a wall that seems to frustrate me to no end, when really all I had to do was ask another question...and then off I go again renewed.


This is an age old mission that has been spliced into your DNA to seek for answers and to find the truth, whether science chooses to believe it or not, civilizations have been on our planet many times, have learned about their origins, and then a catastrophe wipes them from existence.


I shall inject some reasons for this happening and some may not like what they hear, our human race in what ever form it may have existed in has reached a level of technology quite a few times,


but what we have failed to understand is where we came from and to what we owe our existence, all of our spiritual practices have nothing to do with what we do materially,


and our problem has been the separation of this, when we realize that we are all connected, and I mean ALL, Plants, Animals, Earth and it's resources, this realization and respect is required for us to not end up as them.

to be continued...